Welcome! I am a data visualization and UI/UX researcher and practitioner. I am passionate about creating interactive human-machine interfaces for complex problem-solving environments.

I am currently a visualization and user interface/user experience (UI/UX) scientist with Blaize (www.blaize.com). Blaize builds semiconductors for running computer vision deep learning models. I am helping develop a software tool that makes it easy for machine learning engineers and subject experts to easily build computer vision AI applications.

Before Blaize that I was a researcher at Intel, where I worked on projects with the Laboratory of Analytic Sciences (LAS) at NC State University. Prior to that, I was with RENCI, a research institute at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

I obtained a PhD in Computer Science, with minor in Cognitive Science, from Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Learn more about my work by visiting my work portfolio page or my LinkedIn profile. I occasionally write on topics in visualization and data science on my blog.

Thanks for visiting. Happy surfing!